Great Britain

Motorways Expressways
M1 London - Yorkshire Motorway   A1 Great North Road
M2 Medway Towns Bypass   A1 Lothian Expresway
M3 London - Southampton Motorway   A2 Medway Towns Bypass
M4 London - South Wales Motorway   A3 Great Southampton Road
M5 Birmingham - Exeter Motorway   A5 Shrewsbury Expressway
M6 Rugby - Gretna   A11 Norfolk Expressway
M6 Toll Midland Expressway   A12 Essex Expressway
M8 Cental Belt Motorway   A14 East Anglia Expressway
M9 Edinburgh - Dunblane Motorway   A19 Teesside Parkway
M11 London - Cambridge Motorway   A20 London - Dover
M18 Yorkshire Link Motorway   A23 London - Brighton
M20 London - Folkestone   A27 South Coast Trunk Route
M23 London - Brighton   A27 Shoreham, Brighton & Hove and Lewes Bypasses
M25 London Orbital Motorway   A30 South West Expresssway
M26 Wrotham Spur Motorway   A30 Honiton Bypass
M27 South Coast Motorway   A34 Sout Midlands Expressway
M32 Bristol Parkway   A38 Devon Expressway
M40 London - Birmingham Motorway   A38 Birmingham - Mansfield Expressway
M42 Kegworth - Bromsgrove   A40 New Midands Road
M45 Dunchurch Spur Motorway   A42 Kegworth - Bromsgrove
M48 Severn Bridge Motorway   A45 Northampton - Raunds
M49 Avonmouth Motorway   A46 Fosse Way Expressway
M50 Ross Spur Motorway   A46 Kenilworth Bypass
M53 Mid Wirral Motorway   A50 Stoke - Derby Expressway
M54 Telford Motorway A55 North Wales Expressway
M55 Preston Northern Bypass   A63 Gilberdyke - Hull
M56 North Cheshire Motorway   A64 Tadcaster and York Bypasses
M57 Liverpool Outer Ring Road   A77 Ayrshire Expressway
M58 Mid Lancashire Motorway   A90 Queensferry Crossing Southern Approach
M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road   A168 Teesside Parkway
M61 Manchester - Preston Motorway   A180 North Lincolnshire Expressway
M62 Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway   A282 Dartford Crossing
M65 East Lancashire Motorway   A404 Thames Valley Link Road
M66 Bury Eastern Bypass   A417 Cotswold Expressway
M67 Denton and Hyde Bypass   A419 Cotswold Expressway
M69 Leicester - Coventry Motorway   A421 Bedford Southern Bypass
M73 Glasgow Eastern Bypass   A449 New Midands Road
M74 Glasgow - Carlisle Motorway   A453 Remembrance Way
M77 Ayrshire Expressway   A483 Wrexham Bypass
M80 Glasgow - Stirling Motorway   A494 Queensferry Bypass
M90 Fife Motorway   A500 Stoke D Road
M180 North Lincolnshire Expressway   A720 City of Edinburgh Bypass
M181 Scunthorpe Spur Motorway   A876 Kincardine Bridge Link
M271 Nursling Motorway Spur   A898 Erskine Bridge Link
M275 Portsmouth Spur Motorway   A5138 Birmingham - Mansfield Expressway
M602 Eccles Bypass      
M606 Bradford Spur      
M621 Leeds Urban Motorway      
M876 Kincardine Bridge Link      
M898 Erskine Bridge Link      
A1(M) Great North Road      
A3(M) Waterlooville Bypass      
A38(M) Aston Expressway      
A48(M) Cardiff Spur      
A57(M) Mancunian Way (Manchester Inner Ring Road)      
A58(M) Leeds Inner Ring Road      
A64(M) Leeds Inner Ring Road      
A66(M) Blackwell Spur      
A74(M) Glasgow - Carlisle Motorway      
A167(M) Newcastle Central Motorway      
A194(M) Teeside Parkway      
A308(M) Maidenhead Spur      
A329(M) Reading - Bracknell Spur      
A404(M) Thames Valley Link Road      
A601(M) Carnforth Link Roads      
A627(M) Oldham - Rochdale Motorway      
A823(M) Pitreavie Spur